About Us

Who is Travelution?

Your Travelution Inc was born out of a Life-long Desire and Vision by the founders to Empower people to people change their lives and create long lasting financial freedom for their families. Coupling that desire with a new passionate desire to allow thousands to Experience The Most Amazing Travels around the World and be a part of the Most Exciting Industry on the Planet and creating a legacy company to give back to the planet.

The goals of Your Travelution Inc. is to become the largest and most successful host agency in the world in the next 5 years offering the most value, greatest technologies and tools, innovations and advancements in the travel space and change the most lives for the better along the way.

Faraday Hosseinipour

Founder and Ceo

Faraday has a background in Communications. She received her bs in communications at Florida State university and her master studies in Broadcast journalism at USC.

She has a background in sales and marketing, both in the direct sales industry where she has been to the top ranks in 4 different companies but also with 10 years experience in the travel industry.

Faraday has a strong commitment to providing ongoing value, giving all she has, under promising and over delivering, and arming agent with the best tools and training to stand out and be their personal best in the most exciting industry on the planet. Faraday is personally committed to the agents success and bring to bringing Your Travelution to a top 10 host agency within the next 10 years.

Dave Manning

COO and Founder

Dave Manning is a long time entrepreneur and self-made business man. From humble beginnings Dave became a jack of all trades at an early age . He joined the army for structure and stability while raising a young family with 2 young boys but serious injury led to an early end of his military career.

Soon after Dave discovered direct sales and with the support and encouragement of a great mentor was able to find great success in the direct sales industry which has repeated numerous times in numerous companies. Dave has a passion train and teach people to have that same success in an industry that has been so good to him.

He also has 10 years of experience in the travel industry where he and Faraday Hosseinipour operated a marketing company in the time-share and travel club industry.

Long time work-aholics Dave and Faraday founded your travelution Inc with a realization that precious life was passing too quickly without the travel experience and incredible memories and richness that can only be experienced through travel. Unexpectedly losing his mother without the time he expected dramatically shifted Dave’s outlook on life. Dave vowed to spend the next 20 years travelling, enjoying life with people he loves and helping dreams come true.

Dave loves fishing and motorcycle riding and travelling to exciting destinations he has never been with his Travelution Family.

Tammy Walker

Director of Travel

Travel is not just a passion of Tammy’s, it is her calling in life. Whether it be cave tubing in Belize, zip lining over the rain forest in Roatan, relaxing on the lake in her home state of WV, or watching the sunset in Oahu, she is always planning and ready for her next adventure.

After a 13 year career as a Registered Nurse in the ICU, an accident caused her to rethink her future. Always having had an entrepreneurial spirit, she decided it was time to turn her true passion for travel into a sustainable income. After many years in the industry, Tammy now holds industry recognized certifications from the Travel Institute as a Certified Travel Agent and is a Certified ARC Specialist. She also is credited with numerous specialist certifications from industry suppliers, including, Disney, Hawaii Convention & Tourism Board, Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Sea World, AM Resorts, Club Med and many more.

After years of helping others plan their dream vacations, Tammy began to recognize a huge void within the industry with regards to agent training. She freely began helping other travel agents navigate their way through bookings, servicing clients, supplier relations and the travel industry in general. It was only natural that her love of helping her clients make lasting memories and her giving spirit would lead to something greater

Today, Tammy shares her passion and knowledge of the travel industry as Director of Travel for Travelution. She unpacks her bags in Sebastian, Florida, with her husband Ben. Her strong desire for Travelution to not only be a great host agency, but the BEST host agency in the nation is shown by her steadfast commitment to helping agents grow their business and the VIP service she provides her clients. It is her belief that every client should receive VIP service regardless of budget and every travel agent deserves access to proper training, mentorship, tools and ongoing support regardless of their experience. She has taken her experience from within the industry and helped Travelution put together an agent friendly host agency platform that is unlike any other. Her development of the agent Apprenticeship Program is a first of its kind within the industry and she has many other exciting projects on the near horizon.

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