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There are a variety of ways that our agents make our travel agent training program work for them. Some work full-time, as their main source of income; while others work fewer hours and focus on enjoying the flexibility and fun travel opportunities their part-time incomes allow. Regardless of why our agents decide to enroll or how many hours they choose to devote to their businesses, there’s an equal amount of potential for success. Every day we hear from travel agents who, in the process of following their passion for travel, have expanded both their travel knowledge and personal incomes. We have heard about so many different travel agent experiences over the past decade…and our collection of success stories only keeps on growing!

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Jerome and Inocencia Chisolm, FL
Signature Cruise and Travel

To God be the glory great things He has done! Well, where do we begin… In November 2015, we received a call from our friend and now business partner, Trey Ford in which he gave us an invitation to take a look at a new travel business opportunity with a company named Travelution. Needless to say, we were a bit apprehensive, because the language used was so familiar, this was a “ground floor opportunity”. This was only about the 100 th time, we heard those words; however, there was a different zeal and conviction in his voice, so we listened to what he had to say. Then he got us on the phone with Faraday Hosseinipour and as folk will say… it was a wrap. We were in!

However, as we all know, life happened, so we did not really start working our business until late December with our launch party and was blessed and privileged to have both of CEO Faraday Hosseinipour and our COO Dave Manning there, talk about being surprised. That day, our perspective of Travelution changed. We realized that we joined a company with owners that really cared about their people and promoted a family atmosphere.

Because of that and the awesome leadership support and guidance from Trey Ford, Bwana Thurman and Christopher Allen, today we have achieved the position of Agent 6 and have booked over $300K in travel! Please note, that we were able to achieve this with NO previous travel industry experience! Therefore, if you have joined the company or reading this and contemplating joining and your excuse was “I don’t know anything about the travel industry”, we proved that that excuse is not a valid one anymore! With our passion and determination, we have been able to achieve success and so can YOU!

People often asked…how are you guys doing this? My response is always “we open our mouths”. We open our mouths and let everyone know that we own a travel business. In a nutshell … If your mouth is closed, so is your business! If you don’t tell it or share it, no one will know that you are open for business! Mind you, I did not say that it is easy; but then again, nothing worthwhile in life comes easy!

We would be remiss, if we did not take time to give an heartfelt “Thank You” to our corporate leadership in the persons of Faraday Hosseinipour, Dave Manning, Tammy Cook Walker, Richard Anzalone and Lorence Irvine. We are truly blessed to have such leaders with willing hearts and ready to take the Travelution Family to the next level! Our question is… will YOU be there?

Trey Ford, FL

A "REAL" business with "REAL" perks. Ive booked tens of thousands of dollars in honeymoons and anniversaries in my first few months with Travelution but I think it truly dawned on me when I was able to book a few rooms for a destination wedding that I was going to be attending. I helped some close friends save roughly $200 each on their travel, contacted the sales department of the resort before booking my own to see if it would be more beneficial to book my trip and earn a commission or to get an agent rate. Well since I am a member of CLIA I was able to get an agent rate on an upgraded room and do a property inspection. The Royalton Riviera Maya was spectacular, one of the best resorts in all of Cancun and what is crazy is that entire trip qualifies as a write off.

This isn't the only work from home business opportunity but experiences like this are unheard of in other industries, it is rare, and that is what makes it so special.

Trey Ford
Master Travel Agent

Teresa Renea, FL

Over the years it seems as if I have always been the one all my family and friends called upon to find travel deals for their vacations. I have always loved traveling but could not always take the trips I dreamed of taking or so I thought! After obtaining a work injury about three years ago, I found myself stuck at home bored and trying to figure out what I would do if I were not able to return to my Fedex Home Delivery job after my injuries healed. So I started searching the internet for at home opportunities, and businesses that did not required alot of upfront start up. After trying a few things I came across someone stating you could become a travel agent and get paid to travel! Well of course that caught my attention, so I immediately reached out to that person and within a couple days I was well on my way to becoming a Master Travel Agent! And never looking back at returning to Fedex! Of course through many trails and errors and a few host agencies I found the more I learned about travel the more I wanted to share it with the world! I started posting everyday on Facebook something I had learned recently about travel or a deal I had learned about and before long people from across the country were messaging me to book vacations for them. It went from a few nights hotel stays, to a single family cruise here and there, to an all-inclusive anniversary trip, to now booking group cruises and all-inclusives almost on a weekly basis.

The real turning point for all of these weekly bookings came when my fiance', Jimmie and I joined the Travelution Family and was blessed to be able to go to Hawaii with a group of our fellow agents. Upon returning from that trip and sharing all the wonderful pictures and experiences we had, not only did it confirm for me my desire to offer the absolute best travel agent services available, but it opened Jimmie's eyes to the real potential our business can and will bring us. In just the first half of the year we have already been on two cruises and to Hawaii! We are super excited not only about our future travel plans but those of our client's, as well as the travel plans of the five super agents we have brought onboard in just under 60 days! So when I say travel is MY LIFE I really mean it!!! Can't wait to see you all on the beaches of the world!!

Teresa Renea and Jimmie Boo
Master Travel Agents

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